How should I keep track of my score?
There are a few ways you can keep track of your score:

1. Excel 2010 spreadsheet with automatic scoring and grades (Please note: This version of the Excel spreadsheet was created in Excel 2010, so some features may not be compatible with other programs or older versions of Excel.)

2. Excel Spreadsheet with route selection for older versions of Excel

3. Scoring PDF that you can print off and fill in manually

4. On paper, on a stone tablet, or by tattooing the route names directly on your body. As long as you e-mail us your completed routes and the date of each route completion before the challenge ends you can keep track however you would like.

Which routes count?
The DLCCC only counts routes that are in the Third Edition of Swartling’s Climber’s Guide to Devil’s Lake or on Mountain Project.

What if the grade on Mountain Project is different from the grade in the guidebook?
We use the guidebook rating for all routes in the guidebook, and the Mountain Project rating for routes that are not in the guidebook.

What should I do if I climb a new route?
If you are climbing a route that is not in the guidebook or on Mountain Project, you must add the route to Mountain Project to receive credit. Then, you should add this route in the spreadsheet under the “New Routes and Problems” tab.

How and when should I submit my scoresheet?
You can submit your scoresheet (including all route names, grades, dates climbed and style [toprope, trad or bouldering]) to when you are done for the year, or any time before December 31, 2013. However, submitting a scorecard is not a requirement to participate in the challenge.